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iPod touch File Manager

No matter you have just got a new iPod touch, or have use your iPod touch for a long time, you need an easy-to-use iPod touch file manager to help you manage your iPod touch - import stuff into iPod touch or back up files from iPod touch to your hard drive. If you haven't found such a useful iPod touch manager, this page will meet your needs. Here we will introduce several must-have iPod touch file manager software to iPod touch/iPhone/ iPad users.


During the following iPod touch Manager programs, you might have been getting familiar with the Apple iTunes, but the other two iPod manager is highly recommended, too. Just take a few moment to learn why we need another iPod touch file manager besides iTunes.


manage your ipod touch easily


Free iPod touch File Manager - Apple iTunes

When you bought a new Apple device in the first time, you will go to the Apple official website to free download Apple iTunes software as your premier manager tool for your portable device, like iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. With this iTunes application, you can easily free download or purchased music, videos, TV shows, applications, eBooks and so on, then transfer and sync these files to your iPod touch. So we don't intend to speak too much about it.


But you know this free iPod touch manager is not enough to manage your iPod touch, for it only supports syncing files to iPod, not for getting files off iPod touch. If you need to backup iPod touch to hard drive, iTunes can not give you any help.


ipod touch file manager-itunes

Best iPod touch Manager - Cucusoft iPad/iPhone/iPod to PC Transfer

For transferring files from iPod touch to your computer for backup or playing on the other video/MP3 player, here we strongly recommend the Cucusoft iPad/iPhone/iPod to PC Transfer to help you. This great iPod touch file Transfer is specially designed for Windows users to transfer and copy videos, songs, books, TV shows, podcasts, etc. from iPod, iPhone or iPhone to your Windows-based computer. It's highly compatible with almost all iPod, iPhone, iPad models, including the new iPad. This iPod touch manager is very simple and easy to install and operate. You can free download the trial version by clicking here and experience it by yourself for free.


ipod touch file manager - cucusoft

iPod touch File Manager - iMacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer

If you are using Mac system, the iMac iPod to Mac Transfer is your best iPod touch file Manager. Why do we say that? Because this iPod touch manager can not only help you get files from your iPod touch to Mac computer, but also enable you to put files to iPod touch from Mac directly. In other word, you can manage iPod touch without iTunes any more. If you are a Mac user and getting tired of iTunes, this iPod touch file manager is just what you need. Click here to get this iPod to Mac Transfer free download now!


ipod touch file manager-imacsoft


To sum up, if you are used to manage your iPod touch with iTunes, you can download the Cucusoft iPod to Computer Transfer as a supplemental iPod touch managing software; As a Mac user, you can totally get rid of Apple iTunes and get the iMacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer to manage your iPod touch without iTunes at once. Have fun!


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