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How to Restore iPad without iTunes?


Mentioned to iPad restore, there will be some differen understanding of it. Maybe you just want to place your iPad into recovery mode, or totally need to set your iPad to the original factory defaults. Never mind! To help iPad users to enjoy their iPad fully, here we will introduce three different methods to restore iPad without iTunes, whether for jailbreaking iPad or not. Just go on reading and find the useful tips.

Tips: Before restoring your iPad, we strongly recommend you to back up you iPad files to your hard drive with the best iPad to Computer Transfer. It can help you transfer music, videos, contacts, iTunes U, camera rolls, books, etc. from iPad to computer easily and quickly.

Method 1: How to Reset iPad without iTunes by Setting


This way is the simpliest way to restore iPad without iTunes if you just want to set iPad back into the original form. You can restore to factory defaults via Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings as shown below. There are also other options if you want to try.



What's more, you can upgrade the firmware without iTunes if you are running iOS 5 via Settings > General > Software Update. But you can't restore or flash without iTunes if your iOS device is broken, in recovery or DFU mode.


Method 2: Restore iPad with TinyUmbrella


If you are into jailbreaking then you might have heard of TinyUmbrella application, which will soon receive a new update that will allow you to restore iPhone, iPad without iTunes to the desired iOS firmware. With this software, you can is easily save your SHSH Blobs locally on your PC and subsequently serve them up to iTunes rather than have them served up from Apple. The advantage to this is you can replay saved blobs and fool iTunes and your device into allowing you to restore a firmware.



Method 3: Restore iPad with iDeviceRestoring


iDeviceRestoring is another awesome hacking tool that is powerful and is capable to restore IPSWs without connecting to iTunes. It can be used to upgrade iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch firmware without flashing. It will also not affect your baseband which has been a big problem for iphone users who got their iPhone 3G and 3GS locked due to this.


That's all the thress ways we introduce to help you restore your iPad without iTunes. Well, if you only need to go back to the factory default settings on your iPad, we suggest you use the first method, for the risk would be too high - if you use other methods than the ones recommended by Apple, you would lose the warranty of Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad.


We hope this article will give you a lot of help. Have fun on your iPad!


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